Adventox - one of London's most advanced escape game

Dive into another world, find and solve puzzles and riddles and escape the room. Right next to Shephard`s Bush tube station our live-escape experiences will challenge you as an individual and as a team, within a fun and entertaining setting.

Cross the threshold. Watch the door close behind you. All you have is your Team. Take a deep breath. You have 60 minutes. The clock is ticking... Let's Go!


Adventox Features

Team Building

Escape games are a great way of improving team communication. Adventox helps teams who are available to play two or more games of what they can improve to become more efficient at working together. We actively take notes of the positive and negative impacts to try to help a team work better.

Team vs Team

If you are more than 5 players, you could split up and battle against the other team in separate rooms. We can let you know every 15 minutes who is currently leading.

Different Games

Our goal is to offer a great range of rooms for different tastes. Currently, we have two different scenarios available with several more on the way. Adventox aims at providing games with a storyline instead of only random puzzles.

LIST OF ALL GAMES AT ' London - Shepherds Bush'

Alcatraz: No Way Out

Frisco, 1962. It feels like you have been locked up here forever, in Alcatraz, the most notorious of all maximum-security prisons. Never has anyone escaped from this prison alive. But with all preperations in place, tonight might be your chance. But beware: An opportunity does not automatically lead to success. Out in the bay, the tide is murderous and the sharks are hungry. You have to avoid the ... Read More

Next Available Time Slot: N/A N/A N/A N/A 18:00 (Alcatraz 1) 19:30 (Alcatraz 1) N/A N/A N/A N/A 18:00 (Alcatraz 2) 19:30 (Alcatraz 2) Wednesday 26th

Mission X

Intelligence tells us that terrorists have managed to set up a missile in a central London location. We are currently unaware of the location and have been given a number of potential sites but don't have the required resources to check all of them. Not to cause public fear, we have selected several high profile members of the public to help us. If you find anything suspicious, please investigate... Read More

Next Available Time Slot: N/A N/A N/A N/A 18:00 (Mission X 1) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 18:00 (Mission X 2) 19:30 (Mission X 2) Wednesday 26th

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Book your Adventox Escape Game now. We are located on the first floor in West 12 Shopping Centre, just across the road from Shepherds Bush underground station. Please make sure you arrive on time. You can book multiple games or time slots in one booking should you wish to book for a larger group or play several games. There is a coffee shop, restaurants, and a pub nearby!

2-3 Players - £79 (£26.33 - £39,50 per person)
4 Players - £89 (£22.25 per person)
5 Players - £99 (£19.80 per person)
6 Players - £109 (£18.17 per person)

Our games have been designed to be played between 3 and 5 players. Although we accept groups of 2 and 6 players we would like to point out that it is not ideal. In the case of 6 players, we recommend splitting into two groups to play against each other!



Can an additional person join on short notice?

It is no problem, if someone joins the Team last minute. You can simply pay at our store in cash or with credit card for the added player. Even if possible we however advise your Team size to stay within the maximum players mentioned for the Game. You can play with more people but the experience might suffer a bit, however we leave that choice to you.



What should I wear?

We advise casual and comfortable clothes. For safety reasons, high heels are not suitable for escape game playing.

How to find us

Select the location you are interested in. Once selected, you can scroll down to a map where you will also find the address of the Adventox Escape Game Shop.

Adventox Shepherds Bush is located in the West 12 Shopping Centre, just across the road from Shepherds Bush underground station. West 12 shopping centre has an NCP car park, a coffee shop, pub, Pizza Express and an Asian restaurant. Westfield is a short walk with many alternatives.


How can we be faster at escaping?

The only hints we can give are: Search (reliably), communicate (clearly and specifically), collect (at a central place), solve (as a team where required). If the lock does not open, let someone else check it too. If it is still not working, you probably have the wrong key. The main keys to success are staying focussed, good communication and Team Work!

How long do Adventox escape games take?

A game takes up to 60 minutes. We suggest players to be there at least 15 minutes before the start of the game. Please be on time, for delays will minimize your playing time. After your arrival you will meet your game master, who will give you a short introduction and answer all your questions. Afterwards, you will recieve your briefing and start the game. You have up to 60 minutes to fulfill your mission. Atfter the hopefully successful completion of your task, you will have a short debriefing and get to enjoy your victory or think about your mistakes as you prefer. We are happy to offer recommendations for food or drinks nearby to reflect.

Why are your escape games different?

Every single Escape Game is unique. Adventox puts special emphasis on the connection between the scenario and its puzzles and hints. We care about the warranty of our own quality standards. We want to entertain and challenge people and make them forget about their daily strenuous routines by transporting them into a different reality with a little drama to it.

We like to offer various scenarios for different types of players. That way we want to make sure, that players can choose not just between stories and scenarios but also between easier games for beginners and more intense experiences as well as different player types according to their own preferences.

How do escape games work?

Escape Games usually contain some kind of jailbreak. But that is not the core of it. Basically, these games are played to forget about the real world for one hour together with a group of like-minded people, to dive into a scenario of your own choice, to search and combine clues, to solve puzzles and master many small and finally one big task. The important thing is: here, knowledge is not power. Although we generally approve of a good preparation, our Escape Games are not intended for examining your general education.

Instead, teamwork is at the core. Escape Games require as well as stimulate your co-operation through communication, common consideration and combined action in an artificially created stressful situation. But we do not want to reveal too much… In the end, every player will by all means reveal personal strenghts and weaknesses, but the group can always profit from its member`s various talents. Everyone can become a hero here and be part of the success of the whole team.

Which difficulty should we select?

In our games, we aim at responding to the individual preferences of each of our teams. Not only do our game descriptions indicate the level of difficulty and the main focus of the room, but we also offer the opportunity to select from three different game modes:

Fun Mode:
You will be playing the normal game. In case you are stuck, you will receive matching hints. The amount of hints will be recorded, but the main interest is, that no frustration arises and that you maintain your chance to master the challenge. Still, success or failure…it is up to you. That way, the game remains challenging and fun has absolute priority. (Recommended)

Challenge Mode:

Hints will be solely given at your own request. During the whole game you are in full control of the situation. That way, you can try to influence your ultimate position at the Leadership Board {not yet active}. If frustration sets in, you have the opportunity to seek help. In some situations the game master might also recognize, that you will not be able to make it on your own and offer a hint. In the end it is always you who decides whether or not you want to accept the help. (Recommended, if competition is what is attracting you most)

Hardcore Mode:
In this mode, our game master takes a break. You do not want to get any help and prefer brooding on a puzzle for 15 minutes to seeking even the slightest hint. In case the frustation is becoming unbearable, you can vote for “coward drop-out” and use the opportunity to switch back to the Challenge Mode. Be prepared that our game master may not have finished his packed lunch and be a bit irritated. (Recommended only for very experienced groups who merely play for the competitive rivalry)